The blue check mark, despite its small size, makes a big difference in building trust with your audience. It itself gives the user a guarantee that he is viewing a real account.

In fact, it is not difficult to apply for a tick, but not everyone can successfully pass the verification. This is mostly due to insufficient packaging of the profile and failure to comply with all Instagram requirements. To help you successfully get your verification badge, we’ve put together some preparation tips and checked the official guide for the necessary steps.

What is a blue tick and why is it needed?

The blue tick, or verification icon, is a mark that confirms the authenticity and officialness of an Instagram account. It shows that the account belongs to a well-known person, organization or brand.

What are the benefits of a tick in Insta?

It is believed that the verification mark affects the number of reaches and reduces the likelihood of account suspension, but Instagram has not provided any confirmation of this. And yet it is possible to single out some advantages of the blue tick.

In fact, this is an effective way to confirm the legitimacy of the account. Often, the accounts of celebrities and popular brands are copied by fans or fraudsters. This can be verified by entering any well-known name or company name in the Instagram search bar.


In such cases, the blue tick helps users to identify the original account among the accounts of supporters and fraudsters. The platform’s official position regarding the badge reads as follows:

Verification indicates authenticity and popularity. It does not indicate our support, and verification does not mean that our systems prefer your content.

So, this tag is useful for:

public figures and brands who want to confirm their authenticity; users who want to avoid scammers and follow official accounts.


Which can help get a blue tick

Instagram offers two ways to get a blue tick, namely:

Registration of a paid subscription to Meta Verified. Requesting a verification badge. This is possible if the profile belongs to a public figure or brand and meets the requirements of the platform.

To receive a subscription, you must meet certain criteria:

be of legal age; the profile must be created in your name, with a main photo showing your face; two-step verification must be enabled on the page; account must meet minimum activity requirements; profile must comply with Instagram rules.

For the second method, it is important that your page meets a number of conditions, namely:

authenticity, i.e. the profile must belong to a real person or company; uniqueness: the page must be an original representation of a natural or legal person; fullness – the account must be public and active, contain a complete biography and main photo; popularity: the account must belong to a famous person or company that is mentioned in many media. Note that Instagram does not consider ads as sources for verification.

In addition to the official requirements of the platform, several simple but effective tips can be highlighted that can increase the chances of successful verification:

Designing a profile

The platform’s minimum requirements for a profile are the presence of an avatar, a completed profile “cap” and at least one publication. But, as a rule, this is not enough for full account promotion and verification. A well-designed active profile increases the chances of getting approval from the administration.

Increasing the audience

And here we are not talking about the number of subscribers, but users who regularly visit your profile and are active. For this, it is necessary to improve interaction with the audience and involve them in actions on your page.

But avoid “gray” methods of promotion: cheats, mass following, etc. Most likely, Instagram will see this as suspicious activity on the part of your account and block it.

Increasing the frequency of search queries

The more users search for your account, the better its reputation becomes for the platform, because it is a manifestation of the audience’s interest and the profile’s popularity. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to track this metric, but you can make efforts to get people interested in your account and get them to search for you on Instagram.

Tracking mentions in mass media

The appearance of a fresh publication about you or your brand is the best time to apply for a verification badge, because it will be a strong proof of the popularity and originality of the page.

Removing links to other social networks

The exception is Facebook, which also belongs to Meta, so Instagram is much more loyal to it than to its competitors.

In case the verifiers reject your request, do not give up. Wait for another good moment and try again. Be sure to wait for the results of the first verification, otherwise Instagram will cancel your application.

How to buy a tick on Instagram?

In its rules, Instagram has clearly defined that account verification and getting a badge are free of charge. This is due to the purpose of the blue checkmark, namely to confirm the authenticity of a specific account. For the same reason, the administrators of the platform make sure that users do not cheat and do not receive a confirmation token in an unofficial way.

Despite this, on the Internet you can find many offers for the sale of a blue tick. And, surprisingly, they are in great demand.

Those who want to buy an Instagram tick can contact agencies that work under a contract and take payment only after verification. This is a more reliable way to get the desired tick than cooperation with dubious “specialists”. However, in any case, it should be remembered that this procedure is associated with risks. In the event that Instagram administrators notice suspicious activity from your account, you may receive a block.


Other ways to verify an Instagram account

In addition to the traditional method and buying a tick, there is also an official option to use the Meta Verified service. This is a paid subscription for Instagram and Facebook users. It can be issued if:

the account belongs to an adult user; the profile is active and constantly updated with new publications; a photo with a clear image of the face in portrait format is used for the avatar; two-step verification is enabled; the account does not violate Facebook’s terms and standards.

All users and brands can subscribe, regardless of the popularity of their account. However, the feature is not yet available for all regions. Subscription cost:

$11.99 when registering on the website; $14.99 with in-app purchase.

How to apply for a blue tick: step-by-step instructions

After reading the official manual and trying to replicate it, we found one small discrepancy, so we decided to add the corrected algorithm here. Please note that you can only apply through the mobile application.

Step 1.

Sign in, go to your profile, and tap the hamburger icon in the upper right corner. Click the “Settings and privacy” button.

Step 2.

Scroll down and find the “For Professionals” section. Select Account type and tools.


Step 3.

Tap “Verification Request” (in the official instructions, the button is called “Verification Request”).


Step 4.

Now you need to confirm the authenticity: enter your full name, the type of document to be checked and add its photo. Next, select the profile category, country and, if desired, describe the audience. You can also add other names or titles by which you or your brand is known.
At the end, it is necessary to attach a call to mentions of you in the media or other profiles. This is necessary to confirm public interest in your account.

What can prevent a successful verification?

If you want to get a blue badge, you should avoid the following actions on your account:

Buying followers

Cheating, of course, can create the illusion of popularity of the account for users, but not for Instagram. Platform administrators will be able to recognize bots without any problems. In addition, this method has a negative effect on profile statistics, because fake accounts do not interact with content.


You should not order or independently create mass mailings with a request to subscribe to your account, like, write a comment, etc. Not only will this not help you get a blue tick, but it will also lead to a block due to numerous spam complaints.

Use of third-party services

Offers to sell ready-made accounts with a badge should be avoided, as well as people who promise to “deal with the administration”. This is done by fraudsters whose goal is to get your personal data. Don’t waste your money and time on risky schemes.

Violation of platform rules

The administration closely monitors that users do not violate the rules of the site. Therefore, forget about actions that can negatively affect your reputation, as well as lead to a ban.


When checking an account, administrators pay attention to many factors. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will be able to receive a badge if you simply create an application and wait. Be sure to check your profile for Instagram compliance to ensure you get the tick the first time.

Can Instagram take away the blue tick?

Yes, it can, if the badge owner makes one or more of the following mistakes:

copying someone else’s content and passing it off as your own; distribution of spam; inciting hatred; tricking subscribers, likes, comments; fraud, deception of users; lack of interaction with followers and profile promotion.



Getting a blue tick on Instagram is an important step for a person or business, which is aimed at confirming the authenticity of the profile and increasing the trust of the audience. Verification can take from a few days to a month, and it is not a fact that you will get approval on the first try. However, once you get this badge, you’ll definitely see its benefits and not regret the effort you spent.


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Last Update: March 29, 2024