About Us

Our mission

Dashmalav are relevant, simple and quick to implement. Their sole goal is to grow your web traffic and generate more sales through the internet.

Designed for business leaders, the content on Kwansi is above all educational. Indeed, we want to empower business leaders and show them that, thanks to the Internet and for a few hours a week, it is easy to win new customers .

Our goal is therefore to teach you how to bring your business out of the shadows by promoting it on the Internet !

The topics discussed on Dashmalav concern all the levers of Digital Marketing in particular:

Web content or how to write content that your readers love to read,
Natural referencing ( SEO ) or how to find yourself on the first page of Google,
Paid search ( SEA ) or best practices to optimize your internet advertising and control your budgets,
Email Marketing or how to retain your customers by sending emails and / or recruiting others,
Social networks or how to be present effectively on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin Finally, Dashmalav is also our laboratory where we are constantly testing new techniques and tools (most of them free) in order to save you time on all these technical aspects.

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