In order for the site to get a top position when ranking on the Google search results page (SERP), SEO specialists resort to various measures, that is, they engage in SEO optimization of the web resource. SEO-optimization is a complex of measures aimed at working with the internal indicators of the website (filling with thematic content, semantic layout, structuredness, elimination of technical errors) and external ones. An important component of external optimization is link building. In the article, we will analyze in detail the main concepts of link building, where to get reliable links, what link building strategies exist and how not to fall under the sanctions of the search engine.

What is link building?

Link building is a method of promoting a site in the search network by placing links to your website on other resources. A site’s link profile—the number and quality of sources linking to a site—is a powerful ranking factor.

The basis of link building is back links, which are also called links or backlinks by analogy with the English counterparts “link” and “backlink”. The link looks like a line of HTML code. When you click on such a line (if it is active), you can go to a third-party website or another web page of the same resource.

The site on which a third-party (back) link is placed is called a donor. The donor transfers his trust (demonstrates trust) to the acceptor — the website to which he links. The more links to a web resource, the more trust it has. Link building, in simple words, helps to increase the presence of your website on the Internet.

Link building is a long process that requires a lot of time and effort, because the links must be of high quality, open for indexing and correspond to the topic of the site.

Whether link building is worth the effort and who needs it first, we will consider further.

Advantages of link building:

Link building has a long term effect. A strong reference mass increases the authority of the site for search engines. Increase in leads and organic traffic. Budget savings for promotion. Some links can be obtained for free or without significant financial investment.

What are the disadvantages of SEO link building?

Resource-consuming process — search for relevant websites, agreements with other webmasters, preparation of appropriate content. The effect is not immediately noticeable. Search engines need time to index new links and changes in site ranking. Wrong strategies that can lead to Google sanctions.

Who needs link building?

Building backlinks as a component of the promotion strategy should be considered by all businesses that want a stable increase in organic traffic and high positions on the search engine results page (SERP). Link building is especially necessary:

New sites that are just starting promotion. Web resources that lack traffic. Websites that work in a competitive field to reach more potential customers.

link building basics


Types of links and their role in site promotion

There are several classifications of links. Let’s consider the main ones.

According to technical characteristics:

Anchors – the corresponding word or phrase is displayed in the text, most often the key, in which the link is hidden. For example, order link building services. Unanchored – The text displays the URL or neutral words with a call to action – “click here”, “learn more”, etc. Link-picture – the link is embedded in a photo or image. This is a common option for social networks and forums.

According to the perception of search engines:

Indexed — without additional attributes in the url address or with the dofollow tag. Google automatically scans the backlink and links to your site. Unindexed — with the nofollow tag. The user can go to your site from another resource, but Google “does not see” such links. Unindexed links do not affect the ranking of your website.

By method of receipt:

Natural – the owners of the websites publish them of their own free will without prior agreement. For example, useful content for users of the donor site. Purchased – for money or on the basis of other agreements. Such backlinks also work effectively if certain conditions are met.

By location:

Contextual – organically embedded in the content – in a blog article, in a feedback on a forum or in the news. Sidebars – located on the sidebar of the website – sidebars. Footer — placed in the footer (at the bottom) of the site.

Spam links that are not related to the theme of the donor website are highlighted separately. For example, gambling ads on a gardening site.

Placing trust links is considered the best for link building. These are eternal (without an agreed term of validity) backlinks, which are obtained from reliable (trusted) web resources, for example, from .edu and .gov domains.

back links


In detail about trust links: what is it, how to make and get it?

A quality link that will make a significant contribution to the site’s ranking includes many more characteristics than just being placed on a reliable website. The trust weight is affected by more components.

The link’s trust weight is the traffic that the link sends to the accepting site. It is impossible to accurately determine the weight. The following methods can potentially increase reliability (quality):

Using apt anchors that match the content of your site. Thematic design around the link is the placement of other keys in the text that will strengthen the anchor. Organic addition to the content of the donor site, that is, content with a backlink should be potentially interesting to visitors of a third-party site. Embedding in the context part. Lifetime validity. Openness to indexing. Placement on an authoritative web resource. Limiting the number of links to the acceptor site from the donor site. It is assumed that the weight is distributed among all links.

In addition, there is an assumption that backlink trust increases with age.

Donor sites for link building: where to get links?

As mentioned above, you can get a link in two ways:

Agree for free, for money or on barter terms; Wait for it to be placed manually without your participation.

Of course, SEO specialists consider the option that can be more influenced – that is, the arrangement in different ways. Globally, the search for links can be divided into 3 separate methods:

Outreach link building

This is direct cooperation with donor websites. The webmaster or other specialist of the acceptor site negotiates directly with each individual donor. To place links you can use:

Popular websites. Publication of articles on resources that are of interest to users. It can be informative articles, materials with life hacks, seasonal trends – the main thing is that the material corresponds to the topic of your resource. Guest publications. Today, a large number of businesses develop their own blogs. Some of them are happy to publish the texts of other authors under different conditions. The rule is the same as with the previous option, the article should be interesting to blog readers and relevant to your site.

Link building on forums

This method is called crowd marketing. Specialists post links to the acceptor site on thematic forums, social networks, in comments to relevant articles.

The peculiarity of crowd marketing is its nativeness. The comment left should organically fit into the discussion on the forum or fit the topic of the material, and not look like advertising.

Purchases at specialized exchanges

Link exchanges are complex intermediary platforms where you can buy links. Platforms of various specializations are distinguished:

For crowd marketing; For the purchase of eternal links (collaborator,  – they are most popular among specialists. For an automatic purchase with minimal involvement of a specialist, you only need to specify keywords and topics, the exchange will do the rest on its own.

Other link building methods to get links

The following methods help you get organic backlinks naturally:

1. Development of own blog and social networks.

Interesting materials will allow:

increase organic traffic thanks to regular readers; improve behavioral factors; create an opportunity to share your articles on other web resources, for example, make social network buttons under each publication.

2. Interviews with famous people or experts in your niche

Conduct an interview and post it on your website. With a high probability, the expert will share the material on his page in social networks or on his own website.

link building strategies


Link building strategies

Before starting the work, it is worth deciding on the executor – this can be done by a webmaster, an SEO specialist or even a site donor. In the latter option, you will have to cooperate with a new performer every time, so it is better to entrust the work to your own team or an SEO agency.

If you decide to develop the reference mass yourself, we recommend that you follow the following recommendations:

Develop a long-term plan with a specific goal. Focus on creating useful content that people want to read and share. Combine different methods – outreach, crowd marketing and purchasing on exchanges. Create events that can be shared on news sites — announce new products, organize webinars and charity projects. Strive to achieve leadership in your own niche – conduct research, share interesting cases.

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Why is useful content important for link building?

In March 2024, Google updated its spam policy and introduced three new rules, one of which directly addresses link building. This is about “abuse of the site’s reputation”. This means that Google already applies sanctions against sites that massively place backlinks on donor websites of inappropriate topics.

The new spam policy does not consider all third-party content to be a violation. The search engine begins to apply fines only for publications that are created only for “search ranking manipulation”.

SEO link building is an effective but complex tool that covers much more nuances than just buying links. A specialist who is engaged in building the trust of a website needs to understand many nuances: carefully choose content and donor sites, follow the updates of the search engine and strictly follow its rules, monitor traffic and correctly interpret changes.

Link building can and should be used to bring the site to the top positions in Google, but it is better to entrust the process to professionals who understand all the intricacies of link building.

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