Technologies that create a confidential connection between the user’s device (smartphone, desktop or tablet) and the visited website using a special encrypted data tunnel are called Virtual Private Network — VPN. This program hides or changes the user’s IP address, thereby making the Internet connection more secure. A VPN is installed in the form of a special application or extension (plug-in) for a browser on a computer, smartphone or other gadget. In the article, we will consider how to choose and install the best vpn for chrome.


Why do you need a VPN for chrome?

Most often, the program is used to change the geolocation of the IP address, connect to a public WI-FI network, strengthen anonymous browsing of websites.

Using the VPN extension allows you to get:

Enhanced protection of personal data, for example, during remote work in a cafe or hotel. Access to regionally blocked websites. Cheap online shopping – some online stores and hotels may offer special offers for a specific region or country. Reducing the probability of a hacker attack. The ability to use familiar resources while traveling – sites are only available in a specific country, for example, a subscription to a streaming platform is usually only valid in a certain region.

Using vpn for chrome can also have negative consequences — leakage of personal data due to incorrect settings, low Internet speed, expensive subscription fees.

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How to choose a VPN extension?

To minimize the disadvantages of installing a plugin, consider the criteria for choosing a program:

High speed of work. Low-quality vpn extensions reduce connection speed due to limited bandwidth and a small number of servers. Data volume to meet your needs. VPN extensions may have a limited data package, which will not be enough for, for example, watching videos on streaming platforms, but will be sufficient for social networks or news sites. Robust security protocols and privacy policies. The company must not register information about you and transfer it to third parties. Compatible with all your devices. The optimal ratio of price and quality, including the opportunity to try vpn for chrome for free. Clear interface and ease of installation. Additional features include blocking of suspicious websites, advertisements, and spam.


The best free VPNs for chrome

Based on the above criteria, we analyzed 7 vpn extensions for google chrome. All programs have a free trial period or a free version for individual use or with some restrictions.

The program can be installed as an application, for example, on a smartphone, and as a VPN chrome extension for a laptop or computer.


Servers in different countries provide speed. Several security protocols are used to protect data. There is a free tariff plan with access to eight geographic locations.


Hotspot Shield

Chrome VPN works equally well on any device. The service has a free version with an unlimited period of validity and an unlimited data package.

The feature of the program is a unique security protocol and high speed of operation. The function of blocking ads and cookies is also available. You can use it without registration, there is a choice of three server locations.

extension for chrome vpn


VPN has more than ten thousand servers in hundreds of countries, including Ukraine. Users can access streaming platforms without data restrictions.

You can use all the features of the VPN extension for Chrome for free. Versions for other browsers and the mobile application are offered only on a paid basis.

The program provides simultaneous access to 7 devices, there are settings for Wi-Fi protection, blocking of advertisements, spam programs.

free vpn extension for google chrome

Proton VPN

Completely free VPN for Google Chrome with no restrictions on traffic and validity period. Servers located in three countries provide high-speed Internet connection.


there are various protection protocols; emergency disconnect for the safety of your device; no registration is required to use this VPN.

The paid version of the service blocks malicious programs and spam ads.

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The service has extensions for chrome and vpn applications with a clear interface and simple connection. Servers are located in 4 countries. The free version has no expiration date. The speed is sufficient for scrolling through social networks and reading text files, but it may not be enough for watching online videos.

This VPN does not have an emergency shutdown, but it does have data encryption and IP/DNS protection.



The plugin has a free version with usage limits per day. Has more than 1,000 servers in different countries to work on public networks, bypass blocking and protect against spam.

Among the minuses is the saving of user data, cookie files, and lack of blocking of advertisements.



A popular VPN extension for Chrome. Works for free on various devices and supports up to 10 devices on one account.

Among the disadvantages, the program works on the principle of exchanging IP addresses between users. That is, your IP is not hidden, but simply replaced with the IP address of another free subscriber. In addition, this VPN stores the history of user behavior and some other personal information.

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How to install VPN extension?

The most difficult stage in installing a VPN is the preparatory stage, that is, choosing the program that you liked the most. The following steps are usually simple and intuitive:

Go to the website of your chosen VPN and select the version for your browser and platform. Register if the service requires it. Download the plugin to your desktop or mobile app. Log in to your account, enter the activation code if you have one. Make the necessary settings or choose the automatic mode, which already contains all the software settings specifically for your browser and device. Start using.

You can also download the VPN from the Chrome Web Store, Google Play, and the App Store.


The task of a reliable VPN service is not only to bypass the blocking of sites, but also to reliably protect the connection between the user and the Internet site. When choosing the best vpn for Chrome, you should also consider the speed and amount of data that is available in protected mode.

If you are looking for a free vpn for google chrome, pay attention to our selection. All services have free versions.

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