The team’s video platform is YouTube announced. about upcoming differences in the coming months in the rules for working with content created utilizing various artificial intelligence systems

One. of the upcoming rule differences includes the introduction of new standards for YouTube creators. Authors will now have to inform viewers if practical content has actually been altered or created utilizing artificial intelligence. Violators of this rule will be disconnected from monetization
We. will require authors to disclose when they have created altered or manufactured content that is realistic, including utilizing artificial intelligence tools,” it said
For. example, such tags would need to be used if the creator uploaded a video displaying an occasion that by no means occurred. The similar standards apply if in the video a individual says or does a thing that he by no means actually mentioned or did

The. video internet hosting web site additionally showed what the marking would most likely look like for the users themselves. In the mockup shown, a “How this content was made” part seems below the video, which states: “Modified or manufactured content. The sound or image has been digitally altered or generated”.

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