Telegram has officially up-to-date the performance of the messenger. The leading improvements affected messages, stories and private settings


Now,. when replying to one other user’s message, you can quote a particular half of his message. When navigating from an answer, the quoted textual content will be highlighted. To quote half of a message, just click on the unique message (on iOS – press and hold the message with your finger), highlight the desired textual content and settle upon “Quote”

Also now you can send answers to different chats, for example, to reply a person personally or move the discussion to one other group or channel. Clicking on the quoted textual content will open the unique message in the chat in which it was posted – if the person has access to it. To send a reply to a message in one other chat, just click on the panel above the textual content enter field, settle upon the “Reply in one other chat” alternative from the menu and find the desired chat

You. can additionally format any textual content as a quote and add a number of quoted fragments to the message at once

The. settings for the visual appeal of hyperlinks in messages have additionally changed. Now you can place a link preview above or beneath the textual content of the message, change the measurement of the photograph in it, and additionally settle upon a link to preview if there are a number of of them in the message. Also, to follow a link, you now just need to click at any place in the preview area

A. context menu is accessible for all new features

Personal. colors

Premium users can now decide upon a private colour or a blend of a number of colours to design their account. This colour will be used for the user’s identify in all groups, as well as hyperlinks despatched to him and quotes from messages in replies

You. can additionally settle upon any single-color emoji that will be displayed in the background of replies to messages

To. set or change your private color, you need to go to Settings > Chat Settings > Change Name Color on Android or Settings > Appearance > Name Color on iOS

Channels. that are stage 5 or larger can additionally use these settings


Video. stories can now be fast forwarded or rewinded by holding the screen with your finger and swiping correct or left

Also. in stories there was a flash for the selfie digital camera with brightness and colour settings

When. opening a story for the first time in the app, a tooltip now displays the basic navigation gestures used when browsing

Let. us remind you that stories on Telegram are already released by more than 23 thousand channels

Source:. Telegram

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