Owners of Telegram channels now have the opportunity to conduct sweepstakes between their subscribers. Channels of any level can organize a draw

The. messenger guarantees that the draw will be conducted fairly, and prizes will be distributed randomly between subscribers

By. default, Telegram Premium subscriptions are awarded as prizes, but organizers can add their own prizes to the subscription. Before the start of the drawing, the organizer should pay for the selected quantity of Premium subscriptions

When. creating a draw, channel vendors set the stipulations for its holding: the quantity of winners and the period of the draw. They can also, if desired, restrict the circle of individuals only to new channel subscribers or residents of certain countries; they can specify extra channels that clients need to subscribe to in order to participate in the drawing
Changes. in the quantity of votes
Telegram Premium subscription now consists of more voices. Users who pay for the subscription themselves obtain 4 votes, which they can give to one channel or distribute between several

If. a consumer received Telegram Premium as a reward from another user, he receives 1 vote alongside with the subscription, and the one who gifted the subscription receives 3 extra votes. If the consumer gets a subscription for profitable the drawing, all 4 votes will remain with the organizing channel

Let. us remind you that the quantity of authors publishing in the Russian-language section of Telegram has decreased by 2 million over the past six months

Source:. Telegram

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