OpenAI, the developer of the ChatGPT chatbot, has fired its CEO Sam Altman. She announced this on November 17 on her website
Altman. was fired with a rather unusual wording: “he was not usually frank in his communications with the board of directors, which prevented him from fulfilling his duties”
Sam. Altman was at the origins of the creation of the now common chatbot ChatGPT. OpenAI thanked Altman for his “major contributions to the creation and development of OpenAI”. However, he will no longer carry management positions in the firm. His place will be quickly taken by Mira Murati, who until eventually now served as OpenAI’s chief technology officer

Sam. Altman’s resignation came as a comprehensive shock given the occasions that preceded his dismissal. So, final week Altman turned the main character of OpenAI’s DevDay, in the course of which the firm introduced the GPT-4 Turbo platform, and on Thursday Altman attended the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders’ summit in San Francisco
Here’s. what Altman tweeted about his dismissal: “I loved working at OpenAI. It changed me personally and hopefully changed the world a little. What I loved most was working with such proficient folks. I’ll inform you what occurs subsequent later,” Altman wrote in X
The. company’s board also suggested it has full confidence in Mira Murati’s skill to lead OpenAI by way of this transition

Such. an unforeseen dismissal of Altman, who was really the face of the company, leaves many questions. Various theories are already being built on the Internet about the reasons for the dismissal. One of them says that Altman hid from the board of administrators the truth that OpenAI had developed so-called robust synthetic intelligence (AGI), that is, AI that is capable of considering and realizing itself as an particular person.

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